humanity worx

This is a collaborative work to restore humanity to our daily dealings, whether it be within your organisation, political platform, community or relationships.


Humanity Worx is a partnership with SH!FT Foundation and expert facilitators around diversity, equity and inclusion. Rather than focus on  assessments and stragetic plans, we use process-oriented and engaged collaborative action to examine and dismantle systemic oppression and the beliefs that sustain them in order to co-create progressing collective action and ownership that restructures and realigns with equitable values and practices.


The primary focus is around our individual, communal and systemic relationships to power which informs privilege, micro-aggressions and oppressive practices that lead to the dreaded "-isms"that plague our world.


Whether oppression is centered around issues of age, race, ethnicity, nation, gender, neuro-capacity, multi-ability, or fill in the blank, we believe restoration the "other" as one within the tapestry that forms the inter-connectedness of "each other," is the work of restoring the ability to see humanity each other and our universal desire to belong.


That is how, we believe, humanity worx.


instigation - activating values for a better world today