In our language we call her "Nashukuru" which means

thank you, much appreciated, because that is how we felt around Alycia. She came first as a researcher to gather information but she really heard us and honoured our stories. When she returned as a trainer we rejoiced!

She taught us in meaningful ways that brought us a sense of pride and value in our community. We will always remember and be grateful for "Nashukuru" because she changed our lives for the better.

-- C. M'buleg

Working with Alycia has been an invaluable experience for me. Her counselling, mentorship and guidance have

helped me grow spiritually, emotionally, and even

professionally. She is a skilled and compassionate leader who has had a significant impact on my life, and I have no doubt that she will continue to make a difference in the lives of many others.

- W. Le Grange

Working with Alycia Lee is getting quality, concise and

detail-oriented work on multiple levels (management,

team-work, team-leading, you name it). I found our

collaborations to yield almost miraculous meeting of

deadlines while producing incredible work (quality and

quantity), while pleasant, friendly and professional

exchanges were met throughout. She's management, a

team player, a resource, a support, and problem-solver all

in one!

- L. Bright

Wow! Instigator isn't the half of what is brought to the

table. Alycia sees past all the posturing and ego within a

community and exposes the places where growth and

healing can take place. I came as a cynic and left a fan!

- D. Alva

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